October 5, 2019 | 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM

SMX Convention Center Aura

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Topics and Speakers:


Keynote Message

Dr. Debra Bell

The multi-awarded author and educator will dig deep into the essence of homeschooling, from her unique point of view.

Why you should Take Charge of your Child's Education?

Keynote Message

Manny Carlos

The Philippine homeschooling pioneer and founder of Victory Christian International School shares his tried-and-tested tips.

How to Take Charge of Your Child's Education?



Understand Your Why

Edric Mendoza

Are you new to homeschooling and hungry to learn more about it? Do you ask yourself if homeschooling is for you? This workshop aims to unfold the basic knowledge, guidelines, and the benefits of homeschooling.

Prepare Your Child for Higher Education

Dr. Marlyn Del Rosario, Lex Ledesma

Get some insights and learn some practical steps from different educators on how to guide and prepare your children to face the challenges that await them as they enter college.

Homeschool Through Diverse Family Scenarios (Solo, Adopted, Blended)

Sherrie Loyola, Bobbie Barreto, Girlie Argosino

Are you homeschooling solo or part of a blended family? Learn and gather inputs on how to homeschool in and through various life scenarios.

Manage Your Family Finances Well

Randell Tiongson

Be a better steward and learn how to handle your money wisely through budgeting, saving, planning and giving.


Shape Your Child's Character

Dr. Marlyn Del Rosario, Irma Chua, Rita Yokingco

Be intentional in building up your child's character with right and guided values and perspective. Hone their character as you guide them through their growth.

Learn Across Ages and Life Stages

Joy Mendoza

One fun thing about homeschooling is that it could be done anywhere! But, how do you homeschool out of the common practice of a classroom setting? Learn how to homeschool even through lifestyle variations.

Be A Teacher Mom

Milona Barraca

Hear gained wisdom that would help improve academic planning and teaching abilities to further guide your children.

Stay Beautiful Inside and Out

Lisa Manansala

It could be tough juggling everything at home and other tasks in or outside work, that you forget to think about yourself. Find out how you could stay healthy and beautiful in spite of the duties on your plate.


Be The Principal

Great Mabuti

Be informed about the benefits of positive discipline and the principles behind it.

Have Fun!

Blue Avelino

Provide a fun learning environment for your children through outdoor and sports activities.

Be the Leader Your Family Deserves

Manny Manansala

Step up in leading your home today. Find out how and why.

Deal with Addictions

Dennis Espique

Walk the talk and be a spiritual mentor to your children through intentional discipleschip.


Make Homeschooling Fun and Fulfilling

Ethan Espique

Learn how to make your homeschooling fun and how other homeschoolers do it!

Prepare for The Real World

Josh Argosino

This topic aims to help the teen participants to get a glimpse of what needs to be considered in preparation for their future career.

Become a Revolution

Liam Nierras and High Unite

Be empowered to join the homeschool students movement and learn how to make an impact to teenagers through homeschooling throughout the country and across the globe.

Take Charge, Defend Yourself

(Krav Maga)

Luna Cruz-Javier

Keep yourself safe from physical abuse and learn basic self-defense from Krav Maga Philippines, a sport that practices modern method in defensive tactics.


Address Hard Issues: Bullying, Depression, and Suicide

Charity Orense

Struggles with depression, suicidal attempts and/or bullying are evident nowadays. Learn how to ensure a healthy heart & mind for your children.

Homeschool the "Special" Child

Ani Torres

Gain wisdom and know the relevant considerations for homeschooling children with special needs.

Understand the DEPED View

Isabelle Sibayan

This workshop aims to discuss the requirements, steps and guidelines in helping homeschoolers understand their VCIS/TMA accreditation.

See What Research Shows

Great Mabuti, PhD. Debra Bell

This workshop aims to establish the effectiveness of Hybrid program.


Exchanging Best Practices with Your Fellow Leaders

Edric Mendoza

Join and learn different perspectives and stories about homeschooling with other homeschool leaders.

Start and Sustain A Homeschool Group

Joy Mendoza

Be empowered to become a homeschool ambassador. Gather ideas on why and how to embark a homeschool community.

Develop Yourself

Jayson Lo

Unfold the areas of your life that needs improvement and learn why self-care is important to be an effective leader and influencer.

Leading a Community

Ptr. Joseph Bonifacio

Find out what it takes to lead a community!


Make Math Fun!

Rian Sutrisno

Expand your knowledge about Singapore Math and find out how is it beneficial to your children.

Integrating Charlotte Mason

Aise Simpauco Dela Pena

"Learn what the Charlotte Mason method is about and see if this is something that you can apply in your homeschooling."

Enrich Filipino Learning

Dr. Great Mabuti

Make your kids appreciate the Filipino Language! Learn some key principles on what to consider in teaching your kids Filipino culture, heritage, and language.

Choose the Best Curriculum

Debra Bell

Learn the different homeschooling curricula to help you select the one that fits your child best!