Homeschool Global, in partnership with our partner home education providers VCIS Home Study and TMA Homeschool, empowers you to design your children’s education with freedom, flexibility, and focus you tailor-fit the learning to their innate strengths and interests, and your vision of raising them up to be the best they can be.

Overall Concept

Homeschool Global help you take charge of your child’s education through our system, team, and track record.


Homeschool Global is focused on turning learning into a rich, worthwhile experience for their families.

Our stylized round emblem alludes to the home as a safe and ideal environment for learning --- books on all sides, windows and doors that open up to the best opportunities to learn, a roof of protection against the dangers of ignorance and misconceptions. The spherical shape is to emphasize our global reach---after all our families are found all over the world. By partnering with us they now have the power to homeschool anytime, anywhere in the world using the best curriculum available in whatever format they choose...so learning is better. 

Learn better through Homeschool Global

Homeschool Global is committed to maximizing the learning experience.

The mission that makes us get up in the morning

To help families all over the world achieve true success
through world-class, parent-led, home-based Christian education.

The Core Values that fuel how we behave


actively committed to the cause, energetic


creative, out-of-the-box, resourceful, imaginative


pro-active, sincere “walking alongside”


able to get things done, & done excellently, always looking for
better ways to do things


the standard for what we do and how we do things

About Homeschool Global

TMA Homeschool and VCIS Homeschool, two leading providers of homeschool services are now ONE and will be known henceforth as HOMESCHOOL GLOBAL - the global learning organization that will help families design their own education.

Homeschool Global serves over 3,000 students across 30 countries, from Preschool to High School levels.
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